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Naked, bound & gagged

Naked, bound & gagged

Von: AKawka ( 2 Videos ) | Eingestellt am:
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 BerndEssers 06.06.2014, 4:21 Uhr

schöne,sexy,nackte Frau,toll gefesselt
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 harmonist64 24.07.2013, 9:09 Uhr

Eventually somebody with the same opinion as I have ... I do have to agree 100& with gagfan141; shitty artificial tits. If medically necessary, ok ... but just for "beauty" ?? forget it. It's nothing but ugly
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 jj6208 25.04.2013, 19:59 Uhr

thats your opinion
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 gagfan141 06.04.2013, 21:10 Uhr

Effective binding and gagging and struggling: five stars. "Store-bought" breasts which detract GREATLY from Emily Addison's beauty: two stars. She looked a lot better before breast enhancement - as do so many beautiful bondage-ettes (e.g., Cory Lane, Eve Ellis, etc.) Naturally big breasts are fine and look great - but breast enhancement invariably and inevitably looks UN-natural.....
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